Business Divisions

Our Foundation

CSGHSS’s foundation is based on these 3 pillars:

Product and Brand development of new innovative healthcare products including OTC and herbal based products for our customers.


Exclusive Strategic Partnerships for Sales, Marketing & Distribution for 3rd party brand/product owners who wish to enter new markets.

Wholesaling, Exporting and Distribution of a broad range of medical and healthcare products.

We provide solutions for health and wellness needs through our range of dietary supplements and personal care products.


We provide a broad range of medical consumables including Face Masks, N95 Face Masks, Protections Gowns, Hand Sanitiser Liquid, Sutures, Medical Gloves and other medical products for use within hospitals and aged care environments.

We are registered with NSW Health to provide PPE and other essential medical consumable products.


We provide medical products to Ministries of Health of Pacific Island nations by actively participating in all their tenders. We also export our own branded health supplements and 3rd party branded products globally.

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