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High-quality filtration efficiency respirator, professional protective mask. Approved quality standards. Comfortable to wear. Good breathability. 2020 production date with 3 year validity.

  • KN95 FPP2 Biomass Graphene Respirator Face Mask
  • Graphene layered for ease of breathing
  • CE certified
  • FDA approved
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Product Description:

This Biomass Graphene Particulate Respirator Series Product, manufactured by Shengquan Group, is made of Shengquan Group’s biomass graphene Healfiber. Biomass graphene is made from natural green plant straws. Due to the unique material, this biomass graphene respirator series of products can effectively filter dust, bacteria and other harmful substances.

This respirator is ideally suited for applications where a higher protection factor is required and provides respiratory protection against most gases, vapours and particulates.

Transportation and storage:

This Biomass Graphene Particulate Respirator Series Product has a shelf life of 3 years. The end of shelf life is marked on the product packaging. Before initial use, always check that the product is within the stated shelf life. Product should be stored in clean, dry conditions within the temperature range:-20ºC to + 25ºC with a maximum relative humidity of <80%.  When storing or transporting this product, use the original packaging provided.