Isolation Gowns – Reusable


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Antibacterial Reusable Isolation Suit.

  • The gown design allows for comfortable movement
  • Fluid and stain resistant
  • Dust-proof Coveralls
  • Antistatic

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Comfortable and Breathable


Powder blue, pink, white and brilliant blue. Colours and distinctive patterns can also be customised.


Optimal Material and Quality

  • PTFE air filtration membrane has a high filtration efficiency meeting the requirements for filtration efficiency grade of sub-efficient, high-efficient and ultra-efficient air filters.
  • PTFE microporous membrane has a high PF value and efficient filtration performance. Small membrane pore size and PTFE filtration membrane material have been subjected to high temperature treatment. This makes the micropore structure stable so that it can effectively intercept dust particles even under high wind speed.
  • The PTFE air filter membrane material has strong hydrophobicity, low surface energy and good non-adhesion. The dust accumulated on the surface of the material can be easily removed through washing with water thus restoring performance and extending its service life.
  • The accumulated dust can also be removed by mechanical vibration or wiping.